Tuk Tuk Theater – Our unique concept

Funding in Cambodia is concentrated on education and health but often lacks when it comes to fun and games. Children often have to work for their family from a young age and miss out on the fun and games we associate with our own childhood. Tuk Tuk Theatre (TTT) is developed purely to spread smiles and engage the imagination of Cambodian children living in rural villages.

Our aim is to give Children in rural Cambodia their childhood.

It is with this unique angle that we came up with the idea of Tuk Tuk Theatre. We have unlimited villages in rural Pursat, Cambodia that we can target and with your help we will be able to;

  • Provide a nutritious meal or snack to eat
  • Have 30 minutes of play time and interaction
  • Play a movie for the kids to enjoy
  • Get involved and bring a smile back to kids in Cambodia.

Who are we and why are we doing this?

The team

Our original group of 7 volunteers were based in Pursat, Cambodia working to help educate and alleviate poverty. It is through our local experience that this concept was born. One morning while helping to build a house for a recently widowed villager we noticed all of the kids crowded around to watch the weird Barang (Foreigners). We started to play with them which only drew more kids over. That night we decided to show them a movie for a bit of fun.

Word spread throughout the village and we had over 50 kids arrive to see our movie night!

Our first issue was that the school had no power! So we got an extension lead and ran it 30 meters from a neighbor’s house. (We lost power numerous times due to cows walking through the school and tripping up the multiple extension leads) Next when we tried to run the projector it was too light and when it did get dark enough, the parents arrived to take the kids home for dinner so most missed the movie. We decided that we needed a fresh approach! Most of our original team may have moved on from Cambodia, but new ones are always coming up in their place.

So why a Tuk Tuk?

Simply put, most of the villages that we will visit are quite remote, most do not have power at our schools and traveling by bicycle is not only dangerous at night but can also be up to 2 hours ride from our home base in Pursat. Our tuk tuk is already equipped with a 32″ television, deep cycle battery and power inverter to allow us to work in these remote locations.

We have estimated the costs of running the tuk tuk for one year to be 2,000 USD . Included in this price is;

  • Running costs of the tuk tuk
  • Healthy and nutritious food; and
  • A guaranteed smile on every little face.The Impact

How do you measure a smile? How about the excitement of something new and magical?

For a lot of these kids, the reality is that they will never venture much further than the village they grew up in. My Grandmother used to tell me

“Travel is the best education in the world!”

We can’t send all of these kids on excursions to far off places but we can help to bring the rest of the world to them. We can allow them to dream of bigger things and show them places beyond their simple village. We hope through this to inspire these kids to focus on education, expand their imagination and motivate them to dream of something bigger than what life currently provides. Simply put we want to give them their childhood back! It is through your help that we can go a long way to achieving this goal.

Risks and Challenges

Our first challenge has been getting a tuk tuk together to run the operation and fitting it out with power and a TV. We decided that the original 4 volunteers involved would fund this ourselves with the help of some french donations. Currently we are funding from our own pockets and dedicating our time to keep it going however this is not sustainable in the long term.

We need the support of other people both financially and physically onsite to keep this important project moving and improving. We have carefully set up options for every type of person to get involved and help, no matter what your personal financial situation may be.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some of you just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Just by sharing our page on your social media or mentioning us to friends and family can help make a difference.
  • Can you run a fundraiser in your local School or community?
  • Are you willing to change your life and come to Cambodia and volunteer with Tuk Tuk Theatre and be a part of the great work we are doing here. We are always looking for fresh people with certain skills to keep our organisation moving forwards.